Difference Between DOCX and PPT File Extensions

DOCX and PPT are record augmentations for Word and PowerPoint famous Microsoft applications. The Microsoft word processor - Word - was first presented in the 80's. The most recent rendition with DOCX expansion was discharged in 2010. This application has seen numerous redesigns throughout the years and is completely perfect with Microsoft Word 2007. The application is essentially utilized for getting ready reports, for example, articles, letters and stories. It is like Scratch pad where you can include content and sort in the data. Be that as it may, the MS Word is further developed. You can include pictures and word craftsmanship in it. There are various highlights accessible in MS Word, for example, spell check, tables, shots and page outskirts.

The more seasoned adaptation of Microsoft PowerPoint accompanies the record expansion PPT. It is very not quite the same as Word. MS PowerPoint is a program produced for designs introduction. The program is ordinarily used to make slide demonstrate introduction. The program can be utilized to make showings with overhead projectors, presents, film recorders and notes. The showing can comprise of various slides which contain content, illustrations, motion pictures and other comparative articles. One fascinating certainty is that PowerPoint was presented for Apple Mac in the first place and used to keep running in high contrast.

The uses of PowerPoint and Word have some comparative highlights and can supplant each other sometimes. In any case, the critical thing to recollect is that these projects are made for various purposes. As said above, PowerPoint is created fundamentally to demonstrate introductions and Word was produced to plan reports, books, resumes and comparative items. MS PowerPoint (with document expansion PPT) was utilized via coaches and representatives until a more current form of the application with PPTX augmentation was made accessible with the MS Office 2007 suite.

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